Venture Development Canucks Inc.

Venture Development Canucks is a corporate advisory firm specializing in driving revenue, assembling talent and raising capital to support growth companies and organizations. Company principles include Stephen Davis (Chairman), Praveen Varshney of Varshney Capital (Director) and Dean Lindal (President). 

VDC has a strong track record of success completing some capital raising transactions for leading Vancouver based tech companies, assembling and managing a high impact global advisory board, driving revenue for one of the leading insurers in the world and helping to foster new JV partnerships and opportunities. 

VDC can help grow your company and organization through these 5 areas

1. People

VDC maintains a global network of leading CEO’s and talent that are willing to step up in an advisory board capacity to share experiences, contacts, and advice to grow a company. VDC recent mandates have been to set up a global advisory board for a leading fund. VDC has created a thorough process to understand company’s needs and then creates a detailed decision criteria matrix with a list of candidates for a company to review. VDC will then go out and close these advisory board members and help to onboard them and manage the process to engage with them to extract high impact value through experience sharing and key contacts.

2. Strategy

One of VDC founders is a trained moderator and facilitator having conducted forum training and strategic planning for more than 1500 CEO’s across 10 countries. VDC has created a framework for annual planning meeting for a growth company to help build and develop a one-page business plan or even a quarterly pulse meeting.

3. Sales

VDC has demonstrated success of driving revenue for companies through connections into our network globally. In addition VDC has developed a proprietary event based model with monthly “VDC meet ups” that plug clients as attendees to meet and interact with prospects to help drive revenue. VDC has contacts in every major market around the world with the leading CEO’s.

4. Events 

VDC has created a high impact entrepreneurship summit bringing more than 20 billion in revenue of companies together and CEO’s from 10 countries. VDC has a template and can create company or industry type summits or plug a company in as a key partner organization in the annual world entrepreneur forum.

5. Capital

VDC founders have an extensive database of accredited investors and their needs and desires for investments in real estate, technology and other growth industries. VDC has the ability to share a deal or opportunity with a group of potential investors quickly and make the necessary connections, which can lead to a growth capital injection.